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Epic Dental Plan

Epic Dental Plan
816 Congress Ave. Ste. 1620
Austin, TX 78701


Provider Engagement - (888) 771-4942 option 2
Monday - Friday | 9 am - 7 pm EST
Contact one of our Provider Engagement Specialists if you're an affiliated dental provider and need any assistance.

Member Engagement - (888) 771-4942 option 1
Monday - Friday | 9 am - 7 pm EST
If you would like to enroll with Epic Dental Plan, or you're already a plan member and have a question about your Dental Savings Plan, one of our Member Engagement Specialists can help.

Other Inquiries - (888) 771-4942 option 0
Monday - Friday | 9 am - 7 pm EST
Contact us regarding any matters not listed above; our team enjoys hearing from you.

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