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Epic Dental Plan was designed to help patients save on dental care. We pride ourselves in offering a straightforward, simple-to-use dental savings plan that features waiting periods, exclusions or maximums and 20-50% member savings on all dental care procedures.

  • Diagnostic & Preventive
  • Basic & Major
  • Cosmetic & Orthodontic

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Epic Dental Plan
Epic Dental Plan
Epic Dental Plan


NO Waiting Periods

NO Exclusions

NO Deductibles

NO Maximums

NO Claim Forms

NO Hassles

Examples of Savings

Description Retail Fee* Member Pays Member Savings*
Oral Exam (D0150) $50.00 $25.00 50%
Full Mouth X-Rays (D0210) $100.00 $50.00 50%
Bitewings - 4 Films (D0274) $50.00 $25.00 50%
Adult Cleaning (D1110) $75.00 $38.00 50%
Child Cleaning (D1120) $50.00 $25.00 50%
Filling (D2140) $118.00 $89.00 25%
Crown (D2740) $1,482.00 $1,112.00 25%
Root Canal (D3330) $1,251.00 $938.00 25%
Orthodontics (D8090) $5,500.00 $4,400.00 20%

* Member Savings is the amount the member pays less their affiliated provider's Retail Fee. The Retail Fee refers to the normal rate charged to uninsured patients for services rendered by the provider. Retail Fees and Member Savings can vary by affiliated provider. Plan savings and incentives are not available to patients whose dental care is covered by Medicaid.

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Join Epic Dental Plan by completing the online application and paying a low, one-time annual membership fee.  Plan rates start at only $70 per year for an Individual Plan and everyone is eligible for immediate acceptance.

Savings Start Right Away

  • 20-50% Member Savings
  • Preventive & Basic
  • Major, Cosmetic & Ortho

Affiliated providers have agreed to provide excellent dental care at discounted rates for active plan members only.  All preventive, basic, major, cosmetic, and orthodontic dental services are discounted.  Plan members are charged by their affiliated Perfect Dental office based off a transparent fee schedule.

Utilize Your Plan as Needed

  • NO Waiting Periods
  • NO Maximums
  • NO Exclusions
  • NO Hassles

Unlike traditional dental insurance plans, Epic Dental Plan highly encourages plan members to utilize their dental savings plan as much as needed.  Simply present your Member ID Card at your local Perfect Dental office and receive member-only 20-50% savings on all your dental care needs.

Keep on Smilin’ Assurance

  • Included With Plan
  • Covers Dental Work
  • $1,000/Year Coverage
  • Good For 5 Years

Your Dental Work is Covered

Epic Dental Plan members can rest assured knowing that dental work from their affiliated provider is covered for up to 5 years. Keep On Smilin’ Assurance, included at no additional cost to the member, is there to help maintain any completed dental work as the member returns for their regular scheduled visits, no matter what life throws their smile’s way.  Now that’s something to smile about!
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(Epic Dental Plan is accepted at all Perfect Dental offices across MA, NH and TX)